Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Decor

I thought I'd take today to share my very little bit of Fall decor I have finally put up, now that we are already in November and I should start thinking about Christmas. But I don't put up Christmas decorations until December so I still have a few weeks to enjoy it. Actually my branches could stay up in December and work with the winter decor. They already have little red berries on them so hopefully they won't dry up on me. I just broke it off the tree we have in our backyard. (It's shared with our neighbors and their side had more berries but I thought stealing their branches might put a rift in the relationship, so I resisted.....maybe when they're not home) I also just picked some leaves when Ovi, Audrey and I were taking a walk. If I get a chance I think I will pick some more. The picture looks like it's missing something. Wouldn't a huge mound of leaves around the vase look prettier? Hmmm.....

Stay tuned to see if I finally get the chance to pick more leaves and complete my decor........(suspenseful music plays)

(suspenseful music stops)

(polka music plays)

(...........wait, where did that come from?)

(suspenseful music plays again).... Until next time.

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