Thursday, November 11, 2010

For all those of you who have waited patiently in hopes of discovering if I was able to collect mounds and mounds of gorgeous fall-colored leaves to surround my lovely vase and make my table-scape breathtaking.... I was not. Here is the story.

I really thought about how impressive my little bit of Fall decor would look after a collection of such sorts and as my mind was fixed on this lovely vision, logistics set in. I suddenly envisioned myself wandering about the neighborhood, hand-woven basket in tow (Initially I pictured myself carrying a garbage bag but no self-respecting leaf collector would carry a garbage bag. She would certainly look crazy. Instead a lovely basket would do the trick. Now I look crazy but stylish...and really, isn't that the goal?). And as I walked...or rather skipped, because in this vision my beautiful daughter was sleeping peacefully while my super-handsome husband was in the kitchen whipping up a delicious three-course meal and this of course made me happy, I found myself spotting a lovely blood-orange leaf just lying on the floor and walked over to pick it up. Or I started to pick it up until what should appear on the this leaf but the vilest and most disgusting of creatures....the ladybug! Yes, you heard me correctly. My little home is filled with these abhorrent fiends of the underworld. I let them be for now as they have resolved to remain in the upper corners of my home where I cannot reach them. Sometimes I find them on the floor and take great pleasure in crushing and disposing of them yet those are merely carcasses- filthy little things. But back to my story. Now as I spotted the unwelcome creature I suddenly pictured the beautiful mound of leaves on my table giving way to a mound of insects staring at me with their beady little eyes almost as if to say "We have won! We have succeeded in taking over your home and now we will take our revenge on you and your beautiful daughter and super-handsome husband." So of course, as you can imagine, I could not allow that to happen. And this unfortunately means no beautiful mounds. I shall resort to simply staring at lovely pictures through my computer instead.

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  1. hahaha!!! I have the same fears. I keep thinking that there's got to be some sort of homemade solution we can spray branches/leaves with...nontoxic to us, but toxic to the little buggies.