Friday, November 19, 2010


For the past week both Audrey and I have been recovering from a very long day last Sunday. We had Audrey's Baby Dedication at my parents church in the evening with a dinner reception following. Poor Audrey was rather fussy most of the day and it only got worse as the night went on. We ended up getting home sometime close to midnight and she was very tired. She only slept on and off the entire evening with all the commotion around her. Monday was especially grueling as she tried to settle back into a schedule. Things are definitely better now and I can finally come back and write a bit about how everything went. I tried to post a better picture but she wasn't up for many photos so I put up separate pictures of the dress so you can see how adorable it was. My mother bought it for her. She has great taste in baby girl clothes. She did have five girls herself!

The night was great and reminded me how nice it is to have others pray for your baby and reminded me that I need to pray for her, not only now as a baby, but for all that life will hold for her in the future. Knowing that God is watching over her and has a plan for her life is a huge comfort through the daily struggles.

I have also been recovering from the exhaustion of the day and now that we are both back in the swing of things, I can share with you a fun little project I tried- Fabric flowers. They're actually pretty easy to make and I'm looking forward to adorning many more things in my closet... and Audrey's =)


  1. She's so adorable! Did you make the flower that's on her headband?

  2. No, but I am trying my hand at some fabric flowers =)I'll post about those soon.