Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy 3 Months!

My little darling has turned 3 months and the time seems to have flown. She actually turned 3 months last week but it had been such a crazy week and she had been so fussy that I could not get a single moment to post anything. Things are settling back to normal this week although her naps are still pretty short (between 30-45 min) and I'm starting to think this is becoming the new norm. I have a feeling she was hitting a growth spurt last week which is why she was fussier and kept waking up in the night.

I am proud to say that she is out of the swaddle and sleeping through the night again. I was very nervous about weaning her off of it because I am convinced it is one of the reasons she started sleeping through the night at a month old. I started very slow by just leaving out one arm and only for the day naps. That lasted for a couple of weeks and then one night she got out of the swaddle twice before I even got in bed so I decided to let her sleep without it and was prepared to be awakened often. It was a miracle! She slept through the night, no problem. I was very relieved.

She is cooing more and more and I love to hear her as I talk back and we have "conversations". She's been drooling quite a bit and chewing on her hands and any blankets near her. I suspect she may be teething but I don't know for sure. I try to give her toys and teethers to chew on but she prefers her hands and a blanket. She sometimes rolls over from her tummy to her back but never when Daddy tries to catch it on video =). Overall she seems more alert which is making nursing a bit more difficult as she eats briefly and then just wants to look around but even then she starts to look up at me and coo and my heart just melts.

I have ordered the book, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. She is sleeping through the night for the most part. Her last feeding is at 9 and she'll be in bed by 9:30-10 then will wake up around 7-7:30 but it's harder to put her down drowsy but awake and it's been harder to put her down during naps so I think some sleep training may be in order. I haven't decided what method yet as I cannot stand the thought of letting her cry but I will look into it and let you know how it goes.

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