Friday, January 21, 2011

Fabric Flowers

I have been trying my hand at fabric flowers and have finally finished two of them that I could use to adorn one of my cardigans. There is a really simple tutorial I found here. They were actually pretty easy. I just found some scraps of fabric lying around and cut out the circles by hand, no tracing.

I'm excited to try them with different fabrics and add some life to otherwise drab tops. I would go into Audrey's closet and have fun with some of her clothes too but I thought it might be better to wait until she's older and there's no chance of her ripping it off and shoving it into her mouth.

This is a good project to do when you need a break from all the winter snow and want to think about warm happy thoughts. What better than a bright yellow fabric flower to help in that? I also made some cute flower pins out of old sweaters that I will share with you later. They are gifts and I have not given them out yet so I will wait so as not to ruin the surprise. This is precisely why I hate to throw things out. Old sweaters can be reused in so many different ways. Stay tuned for a post all about the potential an old sweater has.


  1. How cute!! I love the yellow against the black and white cardigan! Thanks for sharing this. Also, I am a follower of yours...twice. I don't remember the gmail address I created initially to follow you so I had to use another one. I'm so lame, I know..haha =) I'm guessing you can somehow remove the other one? Also, I now am subscribed to your posts! woohoo!

  2. Nice! Yes, I finally figured out the RSS feed thing....well Ovi figured it out and showed me =)