Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally, the Garland!

Hello everyone. For those of you who have waited patiently for the garland project I mentioned in my "Relaunch" post, it has finally arrived. Ideally I would have liked to have this done for Christmas to be able to put on the tree but that did not happen. I still think it's a pretty edition to decorate the home any time of the year.

I basically just cut out two sizes of circles out of decorative card stock with big circle hole punchers and glued the string between two circles alternating the size and design. I used a strong glue stick but paper cement would also work. Initially the project started out much more complicated which is why it took so long. I did not have a large hole punch so I started to trace and cut out circles by hand. I also did not have any pretty card stock (only paper) so I started to cut out circles from old greeting cards I had lying around and then I was going to cut out circles of pretty paper and glue them together to get a more substantial circle. As you can imagine, that was going to take a long time. I didn't mind though since I love being able to use whatever I have on hand for a project rather than buy new craft supplies. (And I still plan on using the other circles I made for another project. I hate to waste things.) But for this one, Ovi put his foot down and said I need to go and but a circle hole punch to make this process much more efficient. So I gave in. (I was not going to turn down an offer to buy crafts) The only problem was getting to the store. I did not like getting out of the house just me and Audrey. She doesn't always like her car seat so if she started crying I wouldn't really be able to help her and I was afraid of messing up her naps. Which incidentally did happen when I finally went to the store but different story for another time. So I finally went and bought the circle hole punches and I love them. Not only did it make the garland much easier to make but there are so many uses for those hole punches. For gifts I cut out circles from a brown paper bag to use as name tags. It adds a great finished look to gifts.
Thanks for your patience on this one!


  1. Love it!! And great job with the pictures!

  2. Thanks! I actually took so many pictures of this because I couldn't get the lighting right. Lydia, you may have to give me a refresher course in photography.