Monday, January 31, 2011

Online Magazines

I love magazines. Anything on home decor, crafts or organization, I can't get enough. Add in a dose of fashion and I'm hooked. Generally, I love to cuddle up on a coach with my new issue of Real Simple or Martha Stewart Living at the end of the day (usually after Audrey has gone to bed) and unwind. So as you can imagine, I have never been a fan of online magazines. I mean, how do I cuddle up on a couch with a laptop? (No, I don't have an iPad which would probably make that a bit easier.....perhaps one day) I also just love to touch the magazine; to dog ear pages that have something truly inspiring on them and to let them sit on the ottoman to be picked up and looked at on a whim throughout the day. But I must confess that I may slowly be tiptoeing toward the online mag bandwagon.

It all started last month when I found Gifted Magazine, a great holiday magazine with tons of lovely inspiration. Then came Lonny Mag (started by some of the same people behind the great and late, Domino Magazine) and just lately, Rue. I found myself glued to my laptop scrolling through pages and pages of beautiful images. So today I'd like to share these with you and perhaps make your Monday a little more inspiring. It's not exactly the tactile experience of holding a hefty issue in your hand and turning the pages slowly but in terms of great design and taste, they do not fall short.

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  1. I know what you mean...I could spend all day reading magazines! Add to that a cup of coffee, cozy couch, and napping baby and I'm in pure bliss. Thanks for the links. I've also got one for you. The first issue just premiered today and it looks like a gorgeous magazine...visual candy!