Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lovely, Lovely Yellow

I love yellow. It is such a bright and happy color. I get so excited when my husband comes home with a beautiful yellow bouquet of roses. The pop of color looks lovely in my living room which consists of blue, brown, black and white. I want to make this pop of color more permanent with some other yellow accessories like some great throw pillows but I have not been able to find the right ones. I'm still on the look out.

Today is gloomy outside and I felt the need for some cheeriness. On my search I found this great post at Decor8 blog. Check it out for some gorgeous yellow inspiration to brighten even the most gloomy of days.

P.S. I'm in love with grey and yellow as a color scheme...must find a way to incorporate it into my home.


  1. Beautiful flowers! (and who took that lovely picture in the background? :)
    Funny you say this - the color scheme I am thinking of for the bedroom upstairs is yellow, brown/taupe and cream - i need your help though! I'm so overwhelmed by all the choices and have to choose paint colors!
    Regarding pillows for the couch, why don't you get some cool fabric and make some? or even recover some you already have (easier) right now at Joanne fabrics, they have a whole section of Home Decor fabrics that are on sale and they had a ton of cute prints. I'm sure you could find something you love and i could help you make the pillows cuz i have some i want to redo myself.

  2. Yes, I was thinking to just re-cover the ones I have. I should check out JoAnn and see if they have anything that would work.

    That color scheme sounds very cute. I would go more neutral on the walls as opposed to yellow. I think yellow would make a better statement in other places like bedding and accessories. Or if you find a great secondhand piece of furniture and painted it yellow, that would also make a big impact in an unexpected way. We definitely need to get together for more sewing =)