Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 6 Months Audrey!

It seems surreal to be writing this post. Six months has passed so quickly. I think she is beginning to look more like her daddy as she grows. It's exciting to see how she looks around her little world with such interest now.

She's also been getting pickier with her toys. She won't take just any toy. There are a few that she prefers and some that she could care less about. She just ignores me if I try to give her a less than ideal plaything.

She also seems to have so much energy. She wiggles and sq uirms making diaper changes more of a challenge. She continues to roll over a lot and can stay on her stomach longer as she plays. She figured out that if she's on her back she can kick her feet on the floor and move herself up. I guess crawling is not far behind.

The next step is to start solids. She stares when I eat and I want to put some on her tongue and see what she thinks but I've been nervous and I keep waiting until I can buy some organic veggies for her. Ovi thinks I'm a bit obsessive about that but I'm determined to have her first foods be as clean and healthy as I can control. Later in life it will be more difficult to control what she eats so I'd like to take advantage of the opportunity while I can. I'll probably start with just veggies as her pediatrician suggested so she gets used to that taste before I introduce the sweeter fruits.

She's pretty much been sleeping through the night though she has been getting up earlier the past couple days around 5 am, but I'm so thankful that she goes down easily at night. We have a short bath, change into pjs and then I feed her. She gets pretty sleepy as she eats and I can just put her down awake and she'll fall asleep around 7:30-7:45. The rest of the night is mine. Thank you God for this blessing.

I pray God continues to help me in this new role and gives me peace not to freak out over every snag in the schedule. Because there will be many more snags to come.

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  1. Happy 6 months sweet Audrey!! You are such a gorgeous little thing! How fun to read about how she has developed and grown =)