Monday, March 14, 2011

A Simple Thought

Today I need simplicity. I need clean rooms that aren't filled with things that belong in other rooms. I need a bathroom filled with only what I use rather than what I might use. I need less stuff. Is it possible I actually said that last sentence? Ovi would be thrilled. (He gets hives when he sees clutter.)

I have always been attracted to the idea of a simpler life. I remember going to Romania a few years back and visiting my great aunt in the country. For some reason, I will always remember her bathroom. There was very little in there and it was small. It wasn't sparkling and white but it was clean. Around her little sink sat a bar of soap and a small towel hung nearby. That's all. I'm sure toothbrushes and other necessities were tucked away somewhere but out were only the essentials. I had visited many relatives that summer with my family and no other bathroom stood out like this one. So many were cluttered with different soaps and lotions and decorative items. Many times I couldn't even find the towel in the midst of it all.

Though I long for simplicity, I get trapped in the allure of gathering and saving and collecting. Part of the problem is the crafter in me. Everything can be made into something else. What if I find a great craft where this paper towel carton would be useful? I've been working on letting go of things I don't use in a certain time allotment. Though sometimes I think that time may need to be adjusted. But today is one of those days when the need runs deeper and I think of all the things I can get rid of.

I have been reading about Project Simplify over at Simple Mom and have decided to take on the challenge. In order to make this work, I've also decided to give myself more time for each project. If I don't, I will get overwhelmed and stop trying. The first challenge is to organize the bedroom closet. I have been working on this since last week and still don't feel like it's finished. Ovi was very proud of me when I told him I was able to fill three more garbage bags of clothes and shoes to give away. (I say more because just last month I gave away four garbage bags of clothes.) Sometimes I'm amazed at how much space is wasted with things I don't use, or even like. But it takes me a long time to get rid of anything because of the haunting "What if I will want it later" thoughts. To try and combat this, I have developed a system. I put items in a "transition" box where they sit for a couple months before I give them away. This way I can get rid of more things knowing they aren't completely gone and if I don't think about them for the time they are there, I don't feel bad giving them away. It has definitely helped.

I encourage anyone else looking for more simplicity to try this project out. Sometimes we just need that extra push to get here it is.

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