Monday, May 2, 2011

Nursery Colors

So I've been trying to figure out how to "finish" Audrey's nursery. All the essentials are there but the design is not yet finished. Mostly it's because I haven't been able to finalize the color scheme. The walls are a light sky blue color and the curtains are green and white. Her mobile has some pastel colors in it including the blue, green and white but I was debating on what accent color to bring in. I have a couple things with orange in there that look cute but I also love yellow as an accent and then I thought I should bring in some pink so it somewhat resembles a girls room. (I'm trying to avoid the obvious pink girl's room) I liked the idea of a room that has soothing colors. Enter the picture above. I found it on and it has all the colors I was thinking of putting into the room but wasn't sure how. Why not add them all?

I love the vintage aspect to this room and though it uses so many colors, the muted tones still make it look simple and soothing and fun. Plus it has the same wall color so I can clearly see how all the colors will work. I also love the polka dots. Maybe I can find a way to bring those in somewhere. Now to find the time to get this done.

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