Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So many ideas, so little time...

I have been busy thinking up some creative fun the past few days. A little thing called Pinterest has really taken my attention and given me some great ideas. First there's a Valentine's party that I'm helping with and I have been looking at some great crafts for decorations and food. I am rather excited actually as this is the first year I will be participating in a Valentine's party. My husband and I don't do much for Valentine's as we feel it's mostly just a card company ploy to get us to spend money on cards and gifts another day out of the year. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a day that celebrates love and I usually try and do something special for the hubby like write a love note or bake cookies but I have already told him not to get me flowers or chocolates on that day since they are so overpriced. Instead, he can wait until the day after and get two boxes of chocolates =).......but I digress. Valentine's crafts look like lots of fun!

Then I will be helping out at church with sending out anniversary cards to those in my Bible study class. I immediately took on the responsibility as it would give me another chance to do what I love. So I have been thinking up ideas for all the cards.

And finally there's my sister's birthday party this Saturday. Since I am living with my parents now I have the great honor of helping to plan this fun pre-teen party. She will be turning 12 and has requested a panda-themed birthday.

The one caveat is that it must be on a budget...and by budget I mean as cheap as humanly possible. I took this as a challenge to see what I can come up with. We have already made the invitations and passed them out. They turned out pretty cute actually but I am having some trouble with uploading pictures so I will have to show you all that as soon as the hubby can help me. I am thinking to make the cake from a box addition to cheap, I am also trying to make things as easy as possible. I am thinking to try the cake above or just the head part and make it really big.

I hope to be able to show you some great pics soon of all the creativeness that is going on around here.

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