Friday, March 2, 2012

Pink and Red Re-Cap

Hello! I know Valentine's day is long gone but I could not leave you without a few pics of all the fun. Though you may not be thinking of next year quite yet, I hope you will get some happy inspiration from all the lovely colors.

First, the centerpiece: we decided to go with the classic message candy hearts as a filler for the vase. It's actually two vases with the outer holding the candy. Then the tulips give it the perfect delicate touch.

This was the tablescape all set up. We went with simple and elegant. The napkin rings are just red ribbon with a paper heart attached with tape. It was very easy. Then we used some leftover paper hearts as coasters.

Here is a closeup of the napkin ring.

This is were the coasters came from. It was also a very simple project. We just printed a heart template from the internet and used it to cut out hearts from various pink and red printed sheets. Then we taped fishing line between two hearts and there you have a garland. You could also make one long garland and drape over an entryway. That would be adorable.

Here's a closeup of the hearts.

This project probably took the most time but it also had the most impact so it was worth it. It was a great way to draw attention to the dessert table. We just made simple paper pom poms in various sizes. Then we made a heart-shaped template on the wall and started taping.

Cupcakes just look so much cuter with a topper.

We also made little tags for all the desserts. They were delicious. The recipe for these can be found here.

For favors, we decided to do a candy bar. I bought as much pink, red and white candy I could find and used silver ribbon on square vases to tie them all together. Overall everything turned out great. We had fun enjoying dinner and playing some "Newlywed Game". Unfortunately, my husband and I did not win, but fortunately we did not let that ruin our evening. I still love you Honey, even if you don't know my ring size =)

For Audrey's Valentine's party, I decided to go with Goldfish as the valentine treat. I think they turned out great.

I also brought a veggie tray and decided to have some fun with it.

So that was all the Valentine's fun from this year. I must say it is a lot more fun to plan a party with another friend. It can get so stressful when everything rests on your own shoulders. I highly recommend it. Of course, sometimes you just can't and on those occasions, I have some ideas to make things come in a future post.

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