Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Home!

We bought a house! Well, we don't officially own it yet as we are still waiting on all the final details to go through so we can close, but I am very excited. Doesn't it just look adorable? I love how much character the outside has. Although we will make a few adjustments. First we will remove the awnings, then paint the siding on the upstairs windows a different color and maybe add some shutters, we haven't decided yet.

We also have many plans for the inside. Technically we can just move in and do nothing but it is rather dated so we are planning some minor remodeling work. We will have to wait for anything major as our budget will not allow for big projects just yet. So I have some plans of how to make it look updated and pretty for very little money. I will definitely be sharing those with you. Until then, I have been scouring Pinterest for some ideas.

Stay tuned......

1 comment:

  1. Love it, so cute!It's actually a cape cod just like ours! Yes, I agree the awnings need to go. Whoever thought those were a good idea back in the day...