Sunday, June 10, 2012

Living Room Fabrics

Last time I wrote I talked about some ideas for the Living room and planned on doing a whole post for the Dining room. I must say I don't need a whole post just for that as the colors will be very similar to the Living room so I'm just going to expand on what I wrote last time. 

Much has changed since I last wrote. We finally closed on the house and have been there nearly everyday this week measuring and discussing and putting holes in walls. We have plans to take down a wall and perhaps do more in the kitchen than we thought possible- but more on that later. Back to the Living and Dining room. I've decided to keep the wall color the same in both rooms and therefore will keep the color scheme the same for the most part. I am very excited to have a designer come in on Tuesday to help me work through some of these decisions so some of them may change after then, but for now I have a few fabrics picked out and have decided on the color scheme. I haven't finalized the wall color yet but I have a couple samples to put on the wall, so I'm getting close.



This is the fabric I was thinking for the curtains on the Living room. I think it would great against aqua walls.


In the Dining room, I still have to pick out a light fixture and buy a table. I'm going to start collecting random chairs and paint them all the same color to unite them. On the other side of the table will be a bench. My dad is pretty handy and said he would be able to build it for me.

So that's the update for now. I'll let you know what the update is after the design consultation.

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