Sunday, August 5, 2012

Paint Colors!

The paint has finally gone up on the walls. This does not mean we are done but I am definitely seeing the light. The rooms are still a disaster so I will just show you some paint swatches for now with real life pics to come.

For the kitchen, dining, sunroom and hallway, we went with a light grey color, Behr Sterling, to keep it clean and fresh looking.

For the living room, we went with a light aqua, Behr Balmy Seas, and had the color lightened 50%.

In the master bedroom, we went with a light greyish purple, Behr Tranquil Retreat.....yes, hubby was all on board. It was this or beige and he did not want beige.

In Audrey's room (which will later become an office) we went with a light grey again, Behr Subtle Touch. When I chose this, I thought it would be darker but it turned out to be very light. At first I was disappointed but have come to like the color now. It leaves a clean slate for me to add many colorful accessories.

As I mentioned before, we are not changing the bathrooms for now so I'm looking for easy and inexpensive ways to make it look updated. A nice paint color is a good start. Again, I went with the is such a great color for the home and makes everything look updated. I chose a bit of darker grey since the wall has white tile going up halfway, Behr Natural Gray.

I am very glad to finally have all the colors up. It was not an easy decision. I am almost done picking paint colors. I just have two more to pick out in the upstairs room but it feels good to have the majority done.

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