Wednesday, January 1, 2014

House Update

As promised, I have some after pictures of the house to share. I must first say that the house is not yet "finished". I still have quite a bit of decorating to do and there are many things that are just temporary placements- but for now, it works. One of the reasons things are not yet finished after living in the house for over a year is that I am decorating and furnishing slowly. We just couldn't buy everything we needed right away so some things I have just had to find ways to make do with what we had.

You may also notice there are no pictures of bedrooms or bathrooms. Those still have quite a bit of work. The bathrooms were actually left in their original state. I've used some simple decorations to try and make them feel "new" so I will show you those at a future date. For now, enjoy the rooms that are mostly done. I will definitely keep posting updates as I add to each room and switch things around to help them function better. Sometimes it seems our homes are never finished but I am working toward the goal of a simple, well-functioning space. Enjoy!

                                                             Living Room Before:


                                                           Living Room After:

Dining Room Before:

Dining Room After:

                                                                    Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

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