Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Organizing Week 1- The Kitchen Counters

Hello there friends! I am excited to start this organizing journey with you all. I found a great resource that breaks down the organizing process on a weekly basis so that at the end of one year, ideally, your whole house will be organized. Check it out here. There are many ways to go about getting organized but I really loved the method at Home Storage Solutions because it feels very doable. One task per week, I can do that. And it starts off so simply- just the counters and sink. Although it did take me a bit longer to get it done because as I evaluated what needed to stay and what needed to be put away, I realized things needed to be moved around a bit to accommodate some of those changes. But I am happy to say I have successfully completed organizing week one!

I feel that this is very functional for me right now. I know things in life keep changing and I will have to reevaluate  (I learned that from Alejandra.tv- great organizing resource!) but today, I'm happy. Another thing I would like to mention is that it doesn't look perfect like a magazine because, frankly, I don't live that way. I think that was a big hurdle for me to overcome- learning that function is the most important aspect. It does not have to look picture-perfect to work.

Ok, so here are my counters!

I really tried to just leave out the most important pieces that get used daily. This is why next to the sink you will see my Boon drying rack for my pumping equipment and baby bottles. It's not my first choice of decor but it's necessary :). There are things that don't get used daily like my stand mixer but I love it so much and I think it really adds a nice pop of color in the kitchen and ties in with the curtain above the sink. I left out my oil, salt and pepper next to the stove because I need those many times throughout the day while cooking. I do a lot of cooking so that makes sense for me. I also have the coffee maker out and our burr grinder for my daily cup of coffee. I didn't stage anything. This is how the counters look normally...(well, when the kitchen is actually clean ;)). Now I just need to get better about leaving the kitchen like this at the end of the day!

Next week's challenge will deal with the kitchen cabinets and drawers. Looking forward to sharing the results!

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